Dermal filler can be used to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jowl area, strengthening a weak jawline and chin. The jawline filler treatment can help both men and women to create a contoured chin and jawline that frames the face to obtain a more masculine or feminine jawline. Dermal fillers are used to fill in the lines, add volume where it has been lost, create a lifting effect, and camouflage the look of jowls with strategically placed filler. This procedure may also be combined with a skin tightening treatment.

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When it comes to using chin and jawline fillers to correct the signs of ageing, dermal fillers are useful to also help restore collagen and elastin, two substances responsible for maintaining a youthful volume and the skin's ability to bounce back. This will result in the jawline area appearing both tighter and lifted.

This treatment is popular with people, who feel their face is too slim or too oval and want to have a more chiselled profile. Others who find that ageing has caused them to lose definition and want to restore a more youthful look with an upward lift of the jowls also benefit a lot from this procedure. Contouring people's jaw using fillers involves creating angles and straight lines to enhance the clients's bone structure, whereas for others it means creating more gentle, softer curves.

Dermal Fillers help to replenish lost skin volume and improve your looks instantly and naturally. The only option available until recently was surgical jaw and chin remodelling to add volume and contour to the jaw area. Now with our minimally invasive, no downtime treatment using dermal filler we can provide a long-lasting solution adding both volume and definition to the face giving a more youthful appearance and boosted confidence.

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The dermal fillers are combined with a local anaesthetic to numb the treatment area, then the dermal fillers are injected into the skin with a very fine needle to lift your face with natural volume. The procedure leaves your skin feeling hydrated and youthful.

Jawline and chin filler procedures involve injecting dermal filler into the face in order make the treated area look slimmer and more structured. The type of substance that usually makes up dermal filler is called Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body which synchronises with skin tissue, giving it a fuller, firmer and rejuvenated appearance. Hyaluronic acid is an aesthetic favourite because it consistently produces natural-looking and long-lasting results.

A strong chin and jawline is often considered one of the most attractive and striking features of a person's face. Many people, however, feel they have an underdeveloped or weak jawline. This is especially true for older people who often experience a loss of bone density and skin elasticity as part of the ageing process. Dermal filler is one of the best substances that can help improve the appearance of a person's jawline.


30 - 45 mins.


Mild discomfort.


Immediate and can last between 6 to 9 months (and up to 18 months with specific products).


Numbing cream is applied topically and the injection contains lidocaine.


Bruising and swelling around treated area, and aysmmetry.


Immediate. You can return to regular activities straight after your treatment.

Results on all treatments vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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