Desoface is a non-surgical, fat dissolving treatment designed to target localised, stubborn pockets of fat in the face and neck. This treatment is particularly useful for tackling localised fat deposits around the jaw and neck to improve the 'double chin' appearance and give you an improved jawline and neck definition. It can be used successfully for male breast reduction to treat Gynaecomastia.

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This treatment works through injecting an active ingredient called Deoxycholic acid, that targets the cell membrane of the fat cells (adipocytes). This has been shown to successfully remove stubborn areas of fat for clients. Fat cells targeted with this treatment are destroyed and subsequently broken down and absorbed by the body. If used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, results of this treatment can be long-lasting and permanent.

As with all our treatments, an initial consultation is required where we will assess your suitability for this treatment and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions and learn about what is involved in this procedure. This treatment is best suited to those who have been unable to lose stubborn areas of fat along the jawline or under the chin, despite having a healthy weight, balanced diet and regular exercise.

Desoface and Desobody are the next generation in injectable fat dissolvers. The product is conveniently separated into a face and body concentration and the side effects are minimal. These injections break down the plasma membrane and outer wall of the fat cell, allowing the fatty acid inside to be broken down and removed by the lymphatic system, and then digested. The rest of the cell can then be broken down and removed as waste.

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During application, active substances lead to cracking of the membranes of fat cells in the treated zone and to outpouring of their content into the surrounding tissue. From there, in a natural way, via the bloodstream, the fat is transported to the liver and leaves the body naturally. It is necessary to emphasise that this procedure doesn't change the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. The procedure itself is painless.

After 15 minutes of the application, a sense of itching, redness and mild swelling of the treated region often appears. After around two hours, redness and discomfort disappear. In the next few weeks, there is some sensitivity if you press the treated fatty tissue area. The treatment effect is observed approximately 1 month after the application and the final effect comes after 2 months.

Serious risks of DESO treatment are extremely small, but these include redness, pain, irritation, allergic reaction, pigmentation, tissue necrosis (very rare) and temporary nodules. There are special aftercare instructions you would have to adhere to and the drainage of the treated fat cells can be improved by adding other therapies (e.g. compression and/or ultrasound).


30-45 mins.


Mild discomfort.


Can be permanent.




Bruising, swelling and tenderness.


Residual swelling will reduce between 48hrs to a week.

Results on all treatments vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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