Dr. CYJ hair filler was developed by Dr Chung Young Ji after 14 years of research on specialised Peptide Complex. It is highly effective in promoting hair regrowth and preventing hair loss by increasing the size of hair follicles. This innovative product is designed for men and women with alopecia, male pattern baldness, and an effective addition to post hair-transplant procedures. It contains seven functional peptides that stimulate the micro-circulation of the scalp and nourish weakened hair follicles.

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DR. CYJ hair filler - the world's first hair filler injection gel - has been created for treating hair problems including hair fall, thinning hair and alopecia. It stimulates and accelerates hair re-growth. It has a specialised formula created by hair experts from all around the world to strengthen hair cells and revitalise the scalp.

Benefits include increasing hair thickness and strength of sparse hair. The innovative trans-dermal delivery system safely transfers revitalising peptides into the deepest follicles.

The product is a gel like, almost liquid solution designed specifically to nourish and supply essential elements to the skin and hair. Dr. CYJ hair filler is a breakthrough in hair loss treatment as the minimum dose of the concentrated product remains in the skin for 2 weeks after the procedure.

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Peptides are slowly released from hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, stimulating hair follicles, stimulating circulation and improving blood supply to the scalp. The product is also recommended before and after hair transplantation.

Dr. CYJ hair filler is known as the world's first hair filler injection that's solely created for treating hair problems including hair fall, improving thickness and more. It acts through a revitalisation of the skin cells and the scalp, promoting blood circulation on the surface of the head. It also revives hair follicles, stimulates hair and follicular growth, and may help prevent hair loss.

Treatment ensures, in many cases, the reversal of the hair loss process and at the same time revitalises the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth. The formula of patented peptides and hyaluronic acid strengthens the hair into the hair follicles, leading according to clinical research to more, thicker and stronger hair.


30-45 mins.


Mild discomfort.


Some results may be seen during treatment and fully after you've completed all sessions.


None required.


Bruising and swelling around treated area.


Immediate. You can return to normal activity straight away.

Results on all treatments vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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